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An (uncapped) Englishman in New York…

An (uncapped) Englishman in New York…

What do Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, former Barcelona defender Rafael Marquez, ex-Spurs and Sunderland misfit Teemu Tainio and Football League journeyman striker Luke Rodgers have in common? Well apart from the fact they’re all decent scores in Scrabble, they’re also current club team-mates – turning out in Major League Soccer for New York Red Bulls. As … Continue reading

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  • RT @SteveGrant1983: Hampshire, playing a 4-day game, and having faced only two more overs than England in an ODI, have scored 40 more runs. 2 hours ago
  • @i_r_sean88 in this day and age we won't pay any more than we can afford. In this instance it's a strength rather than a weakness. 3 hours ago
  • @jsb_av1 spot on with Cleverley stuff. Rational thoughts making a change right now. 3 hours ago
  • @Longyman @Mhanks7 none of us like it but we all complain that's why our team can't compete because we offer *only* £20k pw (almost £1m pa!) 3 hours ago
  • @Longyman @Mhanks7 were involved in. Some have said they didn't even know how much they were being paid. Others just too reliant on agents 3 hours ago

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