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Crystal Ball: Nick Parrott on Formula 1 in 2012

The latest sports journalist to stick their expert neck on the line for this ‘umble little blog of mine is BBC News producer NICK PARROTT. Here he looks ahead two months to the start of a Formula 1 season which will see Sebastian Vettel chasing a world title hat-trick and the return of Flying Finn Kimi … Continue reading

Crystal Ball: Bruce Talbot on cricket in 2012

Next into bat in my mini-series of sports journalists’ forecasts for 2012 is cricket writer BRUCE TALBOT. The Cricketer magazine contributor told me he remains unconvinced on the ICC’s ability to stamp out spot fixing, says England will beat South Africa this summer – and tips a youngster with a strong cricket pedigree for an international future… The issue of spot-fixing … Continue reading

Crystal Ball: Chris Bowers on tennis in 2012

In the second of a (very brief) series of predictions for 2012 from top sports journalists, I spoke to writer and broadcaster CHRIS BOWERS for his thoughts on the tennis year ahead… The 2012 tennis calendar is well underway – Andy Murray’s year began with his 22nd career title, beating an injury-stricken Alexandr Dolgopolov in Brisbane last week, while the … Continue reading

Crystal Ball: Jonny Gould on football in 2012

With a massive year of sport ahead, I’ve asked some top sports writers to gaze longingly into their crystal balls (as it were) and come up with some bold predictions (or inspired guesses). First up to the plate – broadcaster JONNY GOULD casts his eye on all things football in 2012… Jonny’s first forecast may surprise many – … Continue reading

Lambs to the slaughter?

Once Boxing Day’s matches have passed, football fans’ thoughts inevitably turn next to the FA Cup third round – and the tantalising thought that, come 5pm on the first Saturday in January, an unheralded lower-league player will deliver the David-esque killer blow which fells a Premier League giant. Journalists and TV commentators scour the fixtures for potential working … Continue reading

Next week…

…I’ll be giving over my blog to some experts, who actually know what they’re talking about. I’ve asked several sports journalists to gaze into their crystal balls, whatever shape they happen to be, and make bold predictions for the year ahead in their field. Tennis writer and broadcaster Chris Bowers will declare who he thinks will … Continue reading

Yearly beloved…

…We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of 2011. Well, OK, I’m a bit late joining in the annual nostalgia-fest – I’ve seen, read and heard enough retrospectives to last me a lifetime (or at least another 12 months. Which I hope will be the shorter period). For most people interested in what’s going on … Continue reading

A new home…

My rather underworked blog has been given a new home for 2012. I’ll leave it to sort out its belongings and get used to its new surroundings before stretching its legs in the WordPress world in the next couple of days. I will see you back here then, I hope…

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